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Innovative Rainwater Management in Urban Areas Based Wisdom of the Paddy Field

Sky water falling on the roof should be stocked on site for flooding control, and used for domestic use, such as flushing toilets, watering plants and emergency water. This idea is based on the wisdom of the paddy field. By harvesting sky water, paddy field has not only produced rice sustainably, but also made great contribution to control flooding at the river basin , foster the ground water by infiltration and nurture diverse life forms. We shall learn from this ancient wisdom on sky water harvesting for making innovations on rainwater management in urban areas.

Tokyo Sky Tree - Leading Sky Water Harvesting System in Tokyo

Largest-Scale Sky Water Harvesting System in Tokyo will be introduced into Tokyo Sky Tree of which height is 634 m, the tallest in the world as a broadcasting tower, with neighboring buildings at the new development areas between the Narihirabashi district and the Oshiage district in Sumida City, Tokyo in 2013. Total capacity of rainwater tanks is 2,635 ton(1,800 ton for flooding control, 835 ton for effective water use), Stocked sky water is used for flushing toilets, watering green roof and cooling solar cell.