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Innovative Rainwater Management in Urban Areas Based Wisdom of the Paddy Field

Sky Water – It has high potential on water quality

Mr. Ekiken Kaibara who was born in 1630, Edo period, Medical Doctor, recommended that sky water is good quality, no poison, harvested sky water shall be used for drinking tea and making infusion of medicine in his book, named “YOJYOKUN(How to make long life)”. In Japan, sky water has been treated as the same water quality level of the recycled waste water for flushing toilets. We shouldl separate sky water from treated wastewater, and call sky water which has been purified by solar power “ AMAMIZU”. It means the water(MIZU) from the sky(AMA). At first,sky water shall be used for drinking and cooking, bath, washing clothes and watering plants before flushing toilets

AMAMIZU INNOVATION makes Sustainable Society and Peace

Bottled sky water is sold in Tasmania, Australia and in Texas, America. Institute on Sky Water Harvesting will start to social business in the near future on sky water harvesting, such as “Sky water bottling”, “Sky water café ”to make AMAMIZU INNOVATION not only in Japan but also all around the world for making sustainable society and peace. “ No more tanks for war, Tanks for peace!”.